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Get the most versatility out of your double Carrier with this option.  It will arrive with two rollator walker carriers and one wheelchair carrier.

Each Rollator assembly is adjustable from 19” to 26” wide and will accommodate most front to back folding walkers. 

The Wheelchair Carrier will carry a standard or bariatric wheel chair, a transport chair, a side to side folding rollator walker or the up-right walker.


You can use one wheelchair carrier and one rollator carrier at the same time. Or you can carry one carrier in the center base.

The Steady Double Carrier with Wheel Chair Option weighs 40 pounds.  The frame extends approximately 12” for the hole in vehicle receiver, before a carrier is placed on it.  The Steady Double Carrier is made in Tennessee.   We are proud to say, “Made in the USA.”

Steady Double Carrier with Wheel Chair Option

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